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Darcus After Dark

Friday Night October 9/2020

Yes, I’ll be doing it again this week! My daughter Ashley Gates will be joining me! Due to prior engagements The James Ward Band will not be accompanying me. Instead, I’ll be working with all new guys! Which is kind of an interesting idea! Every musician and Band brings a different vibe! I’m anxious to try different styles! Hummm... How many different ways can you play What’s Going On! We will see! Get excited and let’s do this! See you Friday!... Peace❤️

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Friday’s DarcusAfterDark

Hello everyone, I’m praying your week was simply amazing! Mine was kind of special. I made a trip to Laughlin Nevada for the week in expectation of hanging out with my besties! My intentions were to

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Hazel Boone
Hazel Boone
10. Okt. 2020

What do I click on to see your life?

Gefällt mir

charles Johnson
charles Johnson
08. Okt. 2020

Will be there via social media... Love you Sis

Gefällt mir
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