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.892. It can be assumed that the time of activation of the capacitors is non-linear. Therefore, in the time-domain, the signal is different to the approximate time of the activation of the capacitors in the previous samples, and a more accurate calculation of the time is needed. This may be the source of error in the video, because the signal will be similar to the video that has already been filtered by the filters, thus, a little more information is lost, however, in the original video there is no information, thus in the frequency domain the signal will be the same. For example, the time of activation of the first capacitor will be: Assuming a simple rectangular wave, it is possible to calculate the time of the activation using: This will be approximately: Allowing time to be a vector, we can get a better idea of the activation time for each capacitor. The time-domain method We will need to find the time where there is a discontinuity in the signal. To do this, we will need to work in the time domain, however, it is important to understand that, despite being in the time-domain, the signal in this case will be in the frequency domain, however, we can still work in the time domain. To do this, we will need to add a step in the signal so that we can find the time of discontinuity. The Y component We will now need to add a step in the signal so that we can find the time of discontinuity. The result will be a vector of the same length of the vector of the signal. The time when the signal will be discontinuous will be the index where the vector is null. The Z component The time needed to apply the filters Now that we have found the time, we can calculate the number of samples that are needed to filter the signal. We will need to get a single sample for each capacitor, so that we can work on the signal using it. As mentioned before, the time of the




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