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The first time I live stream from my site wouldn’t you know it, a Glitch! Somewhere during the course of the show the sound went out! No, I didn’t accidentally push the mute button! That’s not my style. I want you all to enjoy my shows! I’m definitely going to fix the problem! Moving ahead I look forward to having a great show again on Friday! I’m excited and can’t wait to see you all once again at “ Darcus After Dark”

Let‘s Do This! ❤️

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Yes, I will be performing this Friday evening! Our city’s new regulations which take affect this weekend has the Greater Kansas City Area shutting down by 10pm EVERY Night! I don’t mind adhering to th

Friday’s DarcusAfterDark

Hello everyone, I’m praying your week was simply amazing! Mine was kind of special. I made a trip to Laughlin Nevada for the week in expectation of hanging out with my besties! My intentions were to

Amber Underwood and The Soul Beats = “Flutienastyness”

Last Friday was Smooth Jazz! What a pleasure featuring this amazingly talented young lady and band! OMG GREAT! I can’t wait to be thoroughly entertained again by Flutienastyness! What a Jazzy name! I

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What we had was great!

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