Hi, I’m Darcus!

This is my blog where I’ll be spending time and sharing with you! I have a most interesting life! I love family laughter music, life and... ( some light cussin) 🤣 I’m a tell it like I see it kind of girl! It’s for sure you’ll find loads of that right here! Hang in there with me and I promise I won’t disappoint you!

My laughter for today: If you’re like me over 50 all of this technology can be foreign to us! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I called my cousin and son at “WORK“ today just to open this damn app! I’m trying... However, trust me... It’s working my nerves!🤣

I‘m here to talk... So let’s get these conversations going!❤️


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Friday’s DarcusAfterDark

Hello everyone, I’m praying your week was simply amazing! Mine was kind of special. I made a trip to Laughlin Nevada for the week in expectation of hanging out with my besties! My intentions were to

About Last Night...

I’m just As confused as you are! I did everything exactly as it should have been done to get the live streaming going however, for some reason it just didn’t happen! I’m all over this situation today!

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